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There is so much available information pertaining to learning differences, organizational and attention challenges, and many other topics related to adolescent learning and development. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest information, so we will regularly post our own programming as well as different articles or website links that we feel are relevant and informative. We hope you find these resources helpful.

The Tyree Institute at Wolcott College Prep exports best practices to the greater community. Presenters typically include Wolcott faculty as well as respected educational professionals and partners.

The State of College Admissions: A Fireside Chat With The Experts

Neurodiversity and Developing Strength Based Practices Presented by Carllistus Obeng

presented by Ethan Sawyer, The College Essay Guy
Is Your Generation Z Student Ready for College? 

presented by Shaun Exsteen B.S., M.Ed. Lynn University, Dean of Academic Support & Accessibility 

The Future of College Admissions Testing: A View from the Inside

presented by Marybeth Kravets, Robert Schaeffer, Brian Troyer, Dr. Paul Kohn


Neuropsychological and Psychoeducational Evaluations: What Parents and Educators Need to Know.

presented by Jordi Kleiner, PhD


Fixing the Foundation: Addressing Learning Loss within a Rigorous Grade Level Curriculum

presented by Dr. Daphne Sajous-Brady, Dr, Ravi Shah, and Claire Walter


Back to the Future: Supporting Students’ Return to School 

presented by Dr. Kevin Van Eron 


Selcon 2021 Keynote Cultural Humility-The Great Mitigator

Presented by: James Knight



Selcon 2021 Expert Panel – DEI and SEL: Moving from Words to Action

Panelists: James Knight, Pat Savage-Williams, Tim Dohrer
Moderator: Martin Woods

Trauma and Teens: Understanding the Impact on Learning and Relationships presented
by Beth Holzhauer 

Helping Teens Use Technology to Make Healthy Connections presented
by Lisa Berghoff

Creating an Environment for Remote Learning presented
by Alyse Siegel and Dr. Tom Golebiewski

Slide show

Common Sleep Issues and How to Troubleshoot presented
by Dr. Innessa Donskoy

Zen & Uncertainty: The Importance of Self-Care during these Challenging Times 
by Dr. Timothy Dohrer and Tom Golebiewski

Slide show

Memory’s Role in Learning Mathematics 
by Dr. Ravi Shah

Help! I’m Struggling at School presented
by Dr. Kevin Van Eron 




Listen to The Mel Robbins Podcast, The Truth About Anxiety and How To Heal It: Tools for Anxiety From a Neuroscientist MD


Read this guide on how to get perfect letters of recommendation for college.


Dr. Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology and Head of Silliman Residential College at Yale, created Yale’s most popular course ever, The Science of Well-Being. Dr. Santos highlights research that reveals misconceptions about what makes us happy — and the concrete steps we can take to live a more fulfilling life. Her lectures are available for free through coursera

Dr. Lisa Damour’s article, Dear Teenagers, Here’s How to Protect Your Emotional Well-Being shares her guidance directly with teens and lets them know what they can do to keep themselves steady in the turmoil of the pandemic. Dr. Damour is a psychologist, best-selling author, monthly New York Times columnist, and regular contributor to CBS News.

Dr. Ken Ginsburg’s article on Building Resilience in these Uncertain Times contains useful and  practical advice for talking with your students about the pressures of COVID. Dr. Ginsburg is Co-Director of the Center for Parents and Teen Communication at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and conducts extensive research on facilitating youth to develop their own solutions to social problems and to teach clinicians how to better serve them.