Affinity and Activism

Activism & Affinity Clubs are comprised of the Asian Culture Club, Black Student Union, Jewish Student Union, Latino Student Union, Feminist Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, Social Justice Club and Animal Rights Club.  These clubs were created by students to provide fellowship for its members and to afford opportunities to educate other students outside of their respective clubs. Although each club retains a distinct identity and mission, all of the active clubs participate in school-wide assemblies and celebrations, including student round-table discussions. These forums give students an opportunity to interact with each other through meaningful dialogue in a facilitated and structured format.

Our Erase the Hate and The Beloved Community initiatives demonstrate how our clubs impact school culture. These initiatives, led by our student affinity groups, Leadership Teams, and Arts & Innovation Department, engage the entire school in performances, assemblies, peace rallies, and art installations. The overarching goals are to promote community involvement and use assembly, conversation, and celebration as vehicles for encouraging unity and empathy in and out of school. To further their reach in the community, these groups often set goals of participating in related service projects.