We understand that a Wolcott education is an investment. Here’s our value proposition to help you understand why it’s worth every penny.

Enriched school day.

Small classes (average class size 10) led by teachers and supported by adjuncts
Expert faculty committed to teaching Wolcott students (70% with advanced degrees)
Learning Strategies faculty (5–1 student-teacher ratio; 100% possess advanced degrees)
After-school academic coaching (staffed by active faculty)
Robust winning sports program (award-winning Arts & Athletics Center)
Opportunities for artistic expression— Art, Media, Photography, Music, and Theater
Student-driven clubs and extracurriculars (and the time needed to pursue interests)
Physical Education & Wellness (a 4-year core class; movement supports learning)
Field Trips (40+ annually)

Tangible cost and time savings.

MacBook Air (loaded with software, that you keep when you graduate)
Educational testing (prior to college transition to secure accommodations in college)
Personalized college counseling that starts in 9th grade (nationally recognized team)
No need for tutors (homework is completed independently and supported by learning strategies and academic coaching)

After-school academic coaching (staffed by active faculty)

Standardized Testing Accommodations secured for every student (we deal with the red tape)
Shuttle Buses (morning and afternoon service from downtown train stations)
Merit-based awards for college (on average our student awards equal a 40% reduction of college tuition)

Wolcott's transformative impact is priceless.

Our students graduate as:

Critical thinkers
Self-confident leaders
Strong self advocates
Academically independent 
Well-rounded and balanced
Prepared for college and beyond

2023-24 Tuition: $51,730, significant tuition assistance is available with nearly 50% of Wolcott families receiving support.

“We are committed to serving families and transforming lives. Don’t ever let tuition or transportation get in the way of a Wolcott education.”

—Rachel Spiro, Director of Admissions